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Here you will find unique handmade accessories that will add a touch of folklore and culture to your outfits or to your home with our Home Decor Collection.

Home Decor - Casa Collection

Table Runners

Table Runners

Find a selection of unique table runners that will turn your table... 

Kitchen must haves

Kitchen must haves

Find some unique handmade accessories for your home. 

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  • Tote Bags

    Our tote bags are super lightweight, fashionable, and cultural bags, convenient for everyday use. They can be used to carry books, a laptop, iPad, or any other essential items on your daily life. Its uses and possibilities are endless.

  • Cosmetic Sets

    Our cosmetic sets consist of matching makeup bags and brushrolls. They are perfect for traveling or every day use. Our makeup bags are sturdy and big enough to hold all your beuty essentials, while our brushrolls help you keep brushes in shape, clean, organized, and dust free.

    They are sold in sets or separetely.

  • Multipurpose Aprons

    Our multipurpose aprons are perfect for the busy teacher, mon, makeup artist, artist, baker, chef, you name it! They come with 3-4 different size pockets to hold and organize your essentials. Whatever you would need will be at your fingertips with our Folklor Aprons, without compromising style and sense of fashion.

Our mission

Our mission is to create unique items that represent our beautiful Mexican culture and that you will proudly wear or display at home.
Every single item we make has a special part of us, and we would love to share a part of us with you.